The PIKSEL Group was created at the beginning of 2006. First members and founders were: Krzysztof Gromek (movie operator, photographer, composer), Musiol (multimedia artist) and Grzegorz Szyma (painter, graphic designer).

At first of their artistic career, The PIKSEL Group concentrated on musical and audiovisual projects. While searching and exploring for the ideal place for their music projects (such as Rh+, Radioprojekt), three of them decided to organize a space that can offer free, unlimited artistic expression. In July 2007 Jarek Sadkowski, a photographer, joined the team.

Currently The PIKSEL Group is, first and foremost, the room, when all kind of artistic works are forming (from performances, through paintings, the graphic- and video-arts to photography) and conventionally - unlimited gallery. Nowadays it is also very famous, an avant-garde place to meet in Warsaw, with lots of vernissage and exhibitions. In 200? The PIKSEL Group brought into being The PIKSEL Cinema which aim is to popularise an avant-garde movie, culture, video-arts, music and literature. The activities of The PIKSEL Group are supproted by Art and Progress Foundation.



We plan film screenings once in two weeks.

Detailed information about screenings: